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bwp@ Issue Nr. 7 | December 2004
Vocational and Business Education and Training in Europe:
Qualifications and the World of Work

Lorenz Lassnigg (IHS, Vienna)

Lorenz Lassnigg (IHS, Vienna)
To match or mismatch? The Austrian VET system on struggle with diverse and changing demand
| Abstract | pdf-file

Olga Troitschanskaia

Olga Troitschanskaia (University of Berlin)
Dynamic and Stability of Institutional Vocational Education in Bulgaria and Lithuania. An Empirically Verified Draft | Abstract | pdf-file | February 2005

Dana Kocková (National Institute of Technical and Vocational Education) CZECH REPUBLIK
Dana Kocková
Requirements of the Labour market for Education in Economics in the Czech Republic
| Abstract | pdf-file | March 2005
Bruno ClematideAstrid DahlAnders VindChristian Helms Joergensen DENMARK
Bruno Clematide & Anders Vind & Astrid Dahl (KUBIX, Danish Confed. of Trade Unions) & Christian Helms Joergensen (Roskilde University)
Challenges for the Danish VET-system - on the path towards a future model | Abstract | pdf-file | February 2005
Lauri Tuomi (Edupoli) FINLAND
Lauri Tuomi (Edupoli)
Towards Life-long Learning – Vocational Business Education for Adults in Finland | Abstract | pdf-file
Johanna Lasonen (University of Jyvaskyla)

Johanna Lasonen (University of Jyvaskyla)
Workplaces as Learning Environments: Assessments by Young People after Transition from School to Work | Abstract | pdf-file | April 2005

Philippe Mehaut (LEST-CNRS, Aix en Provence) FRANCE
Philippe Mehaut (LEST-CNRS, Aix en Provence)
Decentralising vocational training: More than just a shift in scale. Lessons drawn from the French experience | Abstract | pdf-file
Hubert Ertl (University of Paderborn)Peter F.E. Sloane (University of Paderborn) GERMANY
Hubert Ertl (University of Oxford) & Peter F.E. Sloane (University of Paderborn)
The German Training System and the World of Work: The Transfer Potential of the Lernfeldkonzept | Abstract | pdf-file
Karin Büchter (University of Hamburg) & Franz Gramlinger (Cedefop)
The System of Continuing Education in German VET | Abstract | pdf-file | March 2005
Claudio Dondi Monica Turrini ITALY
Claudio Dondi & Monica Turrini (Scienter)
European National and regional change drivers in the transformation of Italian VET system
| Abstract | pdf-file | June 2005
Harm BiemansLoek NieuwenhuisRob PoellMartin MulderRenate Wesselink THE NETHERLANDS
Harm Biemans, Loek Nieuwenhuis, Rob Poell, Martin Mulder & Renate Wesselink:
Competence-based VET in the Netherlands: background and pitfalls | Abstract | pdf-file | April 2005
Ivan Svetlik (University of Ljubljana) SLOVENIA
Ivan Svetlik
Striving for innovation in VET in Slovenia | Abstract | pdf-file | March 2005
Kenneth Abrahamsson (Swedish Council for Working Life and Social Resaerch) SWEDEN
Kenneth Abrahamsson (Swedish Council for Working Life and Social Resaerch)
School to Work Transition, Labour Market Flexibility and Lifelong Learning in the Swedish Context
| Abstract | pdf-file
Mats Lindell (Luleå University of Technology, Sweden)Marja-Leena Stenström ( University of Jyväskylä, Finland) SWEDEN & FINLAND
Mats Lindell (Luleå University of Technology, Sweden) & Marja-Leena Stenström (University of Jyväskylä, Finland)
Across Conceptual Models and Practices: Workplace learning in Higher Vocational Education in Sweden and Finland | Abstract | pdf-file
Jordi Planas (Autonomous University of Barcelona) SPAIN
Jordi Planas (Autonomous University of Barcelona)
Vocational training in Spain: Changes in the model of skill production and in management modalities | Abstract | pdf-file | March 2005
Philipp Gonon (University of Zurich) SWITZERLAND
Philipp Gonon (University of Zurich)
Challenges in the Swiss Vocational Education and Trainingsystem | Abstract | pdf-file | May 2005
Hans SeitzChristoph MetzgerChristoph Kobler SWITZERLAND
Hans Seitz, Christoph Metzger & Christoph Kobler (University of St.Gallen)
Vocational Education in Switzerland - Challenges and Strategies: Some Reflections on Structures, Paths, Qualifications and Requirements of the World of Work
| Abstract | pdf-file | March 2005
Geoff Hayward (SKOPE, University of Oxford) UNITED KINGDOM
Geoff Hayward (SKOPE, University of Oxford)
Vocationalism and the decline of vocational learning in England | Abstract | pdf-file